I have been doing my taxes with Mr. Hamati for more than 10 years and he has been the most reliable, trusted, understanding, and to the point person. Always on time and always welcomed me with a professional friendly manner and made me feel all the time that I am a friend not only a client to pay and go

Gladys M
Daly City, California

I’ve known Nicolas for over10 years to this date, I’ve prepared my taxes through him for all these years; spotless. I never had any problem with his management skills neither with his delivery on time. Job done. Period. He won my trust from the very first year. He gave me confidence and the feeling of being in the right hands. He’s a very professional accountant, and a very knowledgeable tax person. He knows his stuff inside out, and he puts the clients’ interest over anything while keeping in mind the protection of all parties involved in the process.On the personal level; he’s the man. Almost invariably, he steals the show with his good character and his people loving attitude. Great guy to work with! I recommend him to all my circle of friends because when he does my taxes, it feels like I am doing it myself like a pro!

Fadi M.
San Francisco, California

I have been doing my own taxes since 2000. Nicolas was recommended to me last year due a complicated tax situation I was facing. Nicolas was able to solve my problem in very short order, despite being on the other side of the continent! He has already finished my tax return for this year and has helped me get large refunds for the last two years. I don’t plan on doing my taxes again after working with Nicolas for the last two years.

Tim D.
Upper Darby, PA

The absolute best!!!! I have been going to Nicolas for years! He is now doing my kids taxes. We love him!

Brenda E
Suisun City, California

My wife and I have been having our taxes prepared by Nicolas for more than 10 years and have always received top notch service from him. He treats us like friends not just another client. I would highly recommend him for your tax preparations or other services he offers.

Brent H.
Suisun City, California

Nicolas has been doing my complicated personal and business income taxes for over a dozen years. He is very knowledgeable about the ‘ins and outs’ of filing taxes and finding deductions to help reduce my ‘tax bite’. I appreciate knowing that Nicolas is able to answer my questions and that I can count on Nicolas, as an Enrolled Agent, to be by my side should I ever have to deal with the IRS. I like the personal service that he provides that you cannot get at any of the seasonal strip mall tax shops. It is important to me that each year I know that when I meet with Nicolas to do my taxes, he not only remembers me and my tax issues, he also offers new suggestions and shares any relevant changes in tax law that might affect my bottom line. Nicolas is a great choice for tax preparation and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his tax service to my family and friends.

Sue W.
Napa, California

I have been going to Nicolas for over five years and I highly recommend him if you want your taxes done right. He is an honest family man who genuinely cares about his customers. He will do everything in his power to get the money that you deserve. Another great thing about Nicolas is that he provides a tax analysis so that at-a-glance you can compare your earnings, credits, etc. for all the years you’ve been with him. If you want an honest, reliable tax preparer or book keeper call Nicolas Hamati.

Drew K.
Vacaville, CA

Professional, reliable and honest service. I have been getting my books and taxes prepared by nick for over a decade. Always on top of things and a wonderful human being as well. Thanks Nicolas!

Taiib P.
Hayward, CA

I have been filing my taxes with Hamati Bookkeeping for 2 years till date. Nicolas may not have the luxurious fancy shmancy office, but do not be fooled, his knowledge about taxes is amazing. But what made me refer him to my friends, family, and colleagues, is his devotion in getting the best for me. After our first meeting, my taxes were settled and I was to get about $100; however, few days later, i received a call from Nicolas telling me that he researched further and there was actually another way and i would ultimately receive $600! Nicolas could have left it at $100 and moved on to another bigger client. He need not spend so much time on a small business client like me. But he did. With Nicolas, you do not only get the service that is needed, you get the dedication and the hospitality as well. Ask any one of his clients and they will tell you the same.

Angie A.
San Francisco, CA

Nicolas is extremely friendly and very professional. He consistently does an excellent job on my tax returns and is always willing to go above and beyond to help his clients. I cannot recommend Nicolas highly enough. Bottom line, a genuinely great guy who knows what he’s talking about!

George Z.
San Francisco, CA

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