Income Tax Preparation and Planning

Making the difference for you….

Napa and Solano County income tax preparation services

A professional tax preparer can make all of the difference in meeting your Napa and Solano County income tax preparation needs.

We take away all of the guessing and uncertainty that comes with trying to do it by yourself or with “one-size-fits all” tax preparation software.

We are experienced in providing income tax planning and  preparation for Individuals and Businesses.

Find out how we can help you find every deduction that you are entitled to claim.

We offer proven strategies to maximize your income tax refund, while minimizing your tax bite.

We provide tax organizers to assist our clients to find every deduction when preparing for your tax appointment, upon request.

If you have questions regarding how to prepare for your tax appointment or whether you might be entitled to a deduction, we are available by phone to answer your questions.

Our returns are electronically filed, which means that you will receive your refund faster.

In the unlikely event that you receive an inquiry or collection demand from the Internal Revenue Service or are notified of an audit for previous tax years, we are able to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service for an additional fee.


Income tax planning for individuals/joint returns

Successful Napa and Solano income tax preparation, starts with strategic planning, especially when you are aware of significant changes in your income or deductible expenses.  Consulting with your tax professional prior to the end of the tax year, can help alleviate concerns about significant increases in your income tax liability by pre-planning for changes in your income or expenses that may affect your overall tax liability.  Don’t leave this to chance.  There are usually steps you can take to lower your tax bite.

Why not give us a call at AmCan Financial Services Inc. to consult with a tax professional and find what you may be able to do before its too late~!